Imagen de portada para Wizards of Waverly Place. bks. 1-4 [sound recording CD].
Wizards of Waverly Place. bks. 1-4 [sound recording CD].
Descripción física:
8 audio discs (7 hr., 30 min.) : CD audio, digital ; 4 3/4 in.
Nota general:
Unabridged CD.

Compact discs.
#1: It's All Relative! -- #2: Haywire -- #3: In Your Face -- #4: Spellbound.
It's all relative! -- When Alex Russo discovers that her dad has taught her older brother, Justin, how to zoom through the air on the family's magic carpet, she insists on getting her own flying lessons. But Mr. Russo isn't quite ready for his little to fly, so Justin secretly teachers her how to take to the skies. When their father finds out, will Alex be grounded?

Haywire -- What's worse than failing your Spanish test? If you're Alex Russo, then it's having your parents find out! Now she can't go on a date with supercute Riley until she passes her makeup exam. But with the help of a Pocket Elf a tiny, magical creature who has in-depth knowledge of every subject, she is able to cheat her way to an A and keep her date with Riley. But her brothers, Justin and Max, decide to team up with the Pocket Elf to teach her a lesson she'll never forget. Will Alex's date be memorable, or a major disaster?

In your face -- Justin is head over heels for Miranda, the new girl in his bioglogy class. She's smart, beautiful, and has even asked him to be her date for the junior prom! Justin couldn't be more psyched until he gets a gigantic blemish on his forehead. Alex tries to use some magical mojo to make it disappear, but the spell backfires and brings the zit to life instead! Will Justin be able to hide his talking pimple from Miranda and avoid a bumy situation?

Spellbound -- Alex is shocked when she and her best friend, Harper, are invited to Gigi's annual tea party. After all, Gigi is never nice to them. But what's even more surprising is that Harper can't wait to attend. But then Alex discovers that Gigi's up to no good. The only trouble is, Harper doesn't believe her. Suddenly Alex has a decision to make, should she do nothing and hope that the tea party turns out the way Harper expected? Or should she cast a spell to save her friend from major embarassment?
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Wizards of Waverly Place (Television program)