From Gaia to selfish genes : selected writings in the life sciences
From Gaia to selfish genes : selected writings in the life sciences


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Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c1991.

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273 p. : ill. ; 27 cm.

Mother Earth: myth or science? / James Lovelock, Lawrence E. Joseph -- The search for Gaia / Richard Monastersky, Francesca Lyman, W. Ford Doolittle -- Philosophical musings / Lewis Thomas, Gary Snyder, Joseph Campbell with Bill Moyers, James Lovelock -- Lynn Margulis: vindicated heretic / Jeanne McDermott -- Microcosmos / Lynn Margulis, Dorion Sagan -- Blurred bounds of individuality / Julian Huxley, Leo W. Buss -- Holons and hierarchy theory / Arthur Koestler -- Birth of general systems theory / Gerald Weinberg, Ludwig von Bertalanffy -- The prisoner's dilemma / Robert Axelrod, Douglas Hofstadter -- Game theory and biology / Robert Axelrod with William D. Hamilton -- From ants to anthropology: E.O. Wilson / Robert Wright -- Introducing a new science / Edward O. Wilson, Richard D. Alexander -- Not in our genes / Richard C. Lewontin, Steven Rose, Leon J. Kamin, Philip Kitcher, Ashley Montagu -- Nature red in tooth and claw / Richard Dawkins -- Evolution of consciousness / Richard Dawkins -- Junk DNA and other evidence / W. Ford Doolittle, Carmen Sapienza, Leslie Orgel, Francis Crick, David Hull -- The debates continue / W. Ford Doolittle, Lynn Margulis, John Maynard Smith, Dorion Sagan, Edward O. Wilson, Robert Wright.

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Biology -- Philosophy.
Biology -- Research.
Biologie -- Philosophie.
Biologie -- Recherche.

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Barlow, Connie C.

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