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Wait till I'm dead : uncollected poems
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Poems. Selections.
First edition.
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xxvii, 242 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
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Includes index.
1940s. Rep Gordon Canfield ; We leave the youthful pennants and the books, ; Night in the village ; Epitaph for a suicide ; Epitaph for a poet ; Song ; To live and deal with life as if it were a stone. ; Behold! The swinging swan -- 1950s. Her engagement ; Hitch-hiking Key West ; In a red bar ; What's buzzing ; Thus on a long bus ride ; We rode on a lonely bus ; There's nobody here ; On Nixon; chain poem ; Dawn ; Lion met America ; Leave the bones behind ; Real distinguished thing -- 1960s. To Frank O'Hara & John Ashbery & Kenneth Koch ; Yesterday I was writing in Heaven or of Heaven ; Ayahuasca- ; Walt Whitman ; Tokyo tower ; B.C. [Bob Creeley] ; War is black magic ; Journals November 22, '63 ; May day ; In a shaking hand ; Little flower M.M. [Marianne Moore] ; Don't know who I am ; Liverpool muse ; New York to San Fran ; Entering Kansas City high ; Cleveland airport ; Busted ; Nashville April 8 ; After Wales Visitacione July 29 1967 ; Mabillon noctambules ; Genocide ; No money, no war -- 1970s. May King's prophecy ; For the soul of the planet is wakening ; Six senses ; Frank O'Hara darkly ; Hum! Hum! Hum! ; World's an illusion ; Reef mantra ; Postcard to D ; Inscribed in George Whitman's guest register ; On farm ; Wyoming ; Exorcism ; Eyes full of pitchpine smoke ; Freedom of speech ; Green notebook ; Imagination ; Spring night four a.m. ; Louis' first night in grave ; Kidneystone opium traum ; Homage to Paris at the bottom of the barrel ; Bebbe put me on your lap ; Verses included in howl reading Boston city hall ; All the things I've got to do ; No way back to the past ; Brief praise of Anne's affairs ; Popeye and William Blake fight to the death ; For school kids in New Jersey --

1980s. Second spontaneous collaboration into the air, circa 23 May 1980 ; Tall student ; Good god I got high bloodpressure answering ; Amnesiac thirst for fame ; Knock, look in the mirror ; Black man ; Thundering undies ; Trungpa lectures ; Pinsk after dark ; Two scenes ; Listening to Susan Sontag ; You want money? ; Cats scratching ; I used to live in gay sad Paris! ; As the rain drips from the gutter on to the bushes of the imperial court lawn ; Having bowed down my forehead on the pavement on Central Park West ; Far away ; Back to Wuppertal ; Am I a spy from the moon? ; Awakened at dawn trying to run away- ; Grey clouds hang over ; 1/29/84 N.Y.C. ; CXXV ; Rose is gone ; 3'd day down Yangtze River, yesterday ; African spirituality will save the Earth ; Face to face ; Who's gone? ; Bob Dylan touring with Grateful Dead -- 1990s. Asia minor for Gregory ; Moon in the dewdrop is the real moon ; New Years greeting ; Hermaphrodite market ; Last conversation with Carl or in memoriam ; Dream of Carl Solomon.
A posthumous collection of more than 100 Ginsberg poems is largely comprised of spontaneously penned or forgotten works included in letters or sent to obscure publications and is arranged in chronological order and complemented by extensive author notes. --Publisher's description.


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