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Cover image for By study and also by faith : essays in honor of Hugh W. Nibley on the occasion of his eightieth birthday, 27 March 1990
By study and also by faith : essays in honor of Hugh W. Nibley on the occasion of his eightieth birthday, 27 March 1990
By study and also by faith : essays in honor of Hugh W. Nibley on the occasion of his eightieth birthday, 27 March 1990

Publication Information:
Salt Lake City, Utah : Deseret Book ; Provo, Utah : Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies, ©1990.
Physical Description:
2 volumes : illustrations (some color) ; 24 cm
Volume 1. Foreword / by John M. Lundquist -- Hugh Winder Nibley: bibliography and register / by Louis Midgley -- The influence of Hugh Nibley: his presence in the University / by Robert K. Thomas -- A doorkeeper in the house of the Lord / by John W. Welch -- The Copts and the Bible / by Aziz S. Atiya -- The Seventy in scripture / by S. Kent Brown -- From the Philopedia of Jesus to the Misopedia of the Acts of Thomas / by James H. Charlesworth -- A Hebrew inscription authenticated / by Cyrus H. Gordon -- "Watch and remember": the New Testament and the Great Apostasy / by Kent P. Jackson -- Two letters to the dead / by Sharon R. Keller -- Milk and meat: unlikely bedfellows / by Jacob Milgrom -- The Book of Daniel in early Mormon thought / by David J. Whittaker -- Aspects of an early Christian initiation ritual / by William J. Hamblin -- Early Christian millenarianist interpretation of the two witnesses in John's Apocalypse 11:3-13 / by Thomas W. Mackay -- The case of Leviticus Rabbah / by Jacob Neusner -- Ancient Jewish seafaring and river-faring laws / by Raphael Patai -- Which came first, the music or the words? : a Greek text and Coptic melody: musical transcription and analysis of the setting / by Marian Robertson-Wilson -- What Is reality? / by John M. Lundquist -- Native American rites of passage: implications for Latter-day Saints / by Suzanne E. Lundquist -- "Putting on the names": a Jewish-Christian Legacy / by Truman G. Madsen -- Sinai as Sanctuary and Mountain of God / by Donald W. Parry -- Names in antiquity: old, new, and hidden / by Bruce H. Porter, Stephen D. Ricks -- Togetherness is sharing an umbrella: divine kingship, the gnosis, and religious syncretism / by Gordon C. Thomasson -- Heroic legitimation in traditional nomadic societies / by David B. Honey -- Does the Qur'an teach creation ex nihilo? / by Daniel C. Peterson -- The handclasp and embrace as tokens of recognition / by Todd M. Compton -- Mars and Anna Perenna: March gods and the Etruscan new year in archaic Rome / by John F. Hall -- The honey and the smoke: Achilles and Ate in the Iliad / by R. Douglas Phillips.

Volume 2. Religious validity: the sacrament covenant in Third Nephi / by Richard Lloyd Anderson -- The Lamanite view of Book of Mormon history / by Richard L. Bushman -- External evidences of the Book of Mormon / by Paul R. Cheesman -- A second witness for the Logos: the Book of Mormon and contemporary literary criticism / by Eugene England -- An introduction to the relevance of and a methodology for a study of the proper names of the Book of Mormon / by Paul Y. Hoskisson -- The brass plates version of Genesis / by Noel B. Reynolds -- The composition of Lehi's Family / by John L. Sorenson -- King Benjamin and the feast of tabernacles / by John A. Tvedtnes -- The Melchizedek material in Alma 13:13-19 / by John W. Welch -- Ancient burials of metal documents in stone boxes / by H. Curtis Wright -- Cultural pluralism or assimilation? : a dilemma of our times / by Genevieve De Hoyos -- Twelve diatribes of modern Israel / by Avraham Gileadi -- Repentance also means rethinking / by Gary P. Gillum -- Is there a cure for authoritarianism in science? / by Richard F. Haglund Jr. -- Language, humour, character, and persona in Shakespeare / by Arthur Henry King -- Talent and the individual's tradition: history as art, and art as moral response / by Arthur Henry King, C. Terry Warner -- The challenge of historical consciousness: Mormon history and the encounter with secular modernity / by Louis Midgley -- Why no new Judaisms in the twentieth cntury? / by Jacob Neusner -- Thoughts about Joseph Smith: upon reading Donna Hill's Joseph Smith: the first Mormon / by Thomas F. Rogers -- Utopia and garden: the relationship of Candide to Laxness's Paradísarheimt / by George S. Tate