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The brothers Karamazov : Great books of the Western world series
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Chicago, Ency. Britannica c1952, 1984.
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412 p.
Part I: Book I: History of a family: Fyodor Pavlovitch Karamazov -- He gets rid of his eldest son -- Second marriage, and the second family -- Third son, Alyosha -- Elders -- Book II: Unfortunate gathering: They arrive at the monastery -- Old Buffoon -- Peasant women who have faith -- Lady of little faith -- So be it! So be it! -- Why is such a man alive/ Young man bent on a career -- Scandalous scene -- Book III: Sensualists: In the servants' quarters -- Lizaveta -- Confession of a passionate heart- in verse -- Confession of a passionate heart- in anecdote -- Confession of a passionate heart- "Heels up" -- Smerdyakov -- Controversy -- Over the brandy -- Sensualists -- Both together -- Another reputation ruined -- Part II: Book IV: Lacerations: Father Ferapont -- At his father's -- Meeting with the schoolboys -- At the Hohlakovs' -- Laceration in the drawing-room -- Laceration in the cottage -- And in the open air -- Book V: Pro and contra: Engagement -- Smerdyakov with a guitar -- Brothers make friends -- Rebellion -- Grand Inquisitor -- For awhile a very obscure one -- "It's always worth while speaking to a clever man" -- Book VI: Russian monk: Father Zossima and his visitors -- Recollection of Father Zossima's youth before he became a monk; duel -- Conversations and Exhortations of Father Zossima -- Part III: Book VII: Alyosha: Breath of corruption -- Critical moment -- Onion -- Cana of Galilee -- Book VIII: Mitya: Kuzma Samsonov -- Lyagavy -- Gold mines -- In the dark -- Sudden resolution -- "I am coming, too!" -- First and rightful lover -- Delirium -- Book IX: Preliminary investigation: Beginning of Perhotin's official career -- Alarm -- Sufferings of a soul; first ordeal -- Second ordeal -- Third ordeal -- Prosecutor catches Mitya -- Mitya's great secret; received with hisses -- Evidence of the witnesses; babe -- They carry Mitya away -- Part IV: Book X: Boys -- Kolya Krassotkin -- Children -- Schoolboy -- Lost dog -- By Ilusha's bedside -- Precocity -- Ilusha -- Book XI: Ivan: At Grushenka's -- Injured foot -- Little demon -- Hymn and a secret -- Not you, not you! -- First interview with Smerdyakov -- Second interview with Smerdyakov -- Third and last interview with Smerdyakov -- Devil; Ivan's nightmare -- "It was he who said that" -- Book XII: Judicial error: Fatal day -- Dangerous witnesses -- Medical experts and a pound of nuts -- Fortune smiles on Mitya -- Sudden catastrophe -- Prosecutor's speech; sketches of character -- Historical survey -- Treatise on Smerdyakov -- Galloping Troika; End of the prosecutor's speech -- Speech for the defense; an argument that cuts both ways -- There was no money; there was no robbery -- And there was no murder either -- Corrupter of thought -- Peasants stand firm -- Epilogue: Plans for Mitya's escape -- For a moment the lie becomes the truth -- Ilusha's funeral; speech at the stone.
A tale of murder, betrayal, sacrifice, tragedy, and glory centering on the murder of Fyodor Pavlovitch Karamazov, a corrupt landowner.


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